Classic Legends Reveals Yezdi Lineup: New Engines, Roadking, Electric Bikes

Classic Legends, a company that makes cool motorcycles, recently showed off some really awesome stuff at an event. They want to make bikes that are super cool and compete with famous brands like Royal Enfield and Honda.

Yezdi Lineup Reveals its New Engine 650cc

Roadking Revival: Old Name, New Bike

They talked about bringing back an old motorcycle called Roadking. It’s like taking something old and making it new again. They showed two versions of it, one with a smaller engine and one with a bigger engine. The bigger one is going to be really powerful!

New Engines: Making Bikes Better

Classic Legends is working on making new engines for their bikes. One of them will be smaller and more affordable, but still very fast. Another one will be bigger and stronger, to compete with other big brands.

BSA Brand Debut: More Cool Bikes Coming

They also talked about bringing back another old motorcycle brand called BSA. They showed a new BSA bike called Goldstar 650. It looks awesome and sounds great too! They’re going to start selling it in India soon.

Electric Motorcycles: Bikes of the Future

Classic Legends wants to make electric bikes too. They didn’t show any at the event, but they’re working on them. Electric bikes are cool because they don’t need gas and they’re good for the environment.

Yezdi Streetfighter 334 and Adventure Rally Pro: Coming Soon

Two more bikes they talked about are called Streetfighter 334 and Adventure Rally Pro. They’re going to be available very soon. These bikes will be great for riding on the streets and going on adventures.

Overall, Classic Legends is doing a lot of cool stuff with motorcycles. They’re making old bikes new again, building powerful engines, bringing back old brands, and even working on electric bikes for the future. Exciting times ahead for motorcycle fans!

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