Samsung’s One UI 6.0 Update Rollout Revealed – Latest Features and Release Date

Hello guys, If you are a samsung lover or fan so this article is for you! In this articl I’ll tell you all about the Samsung One UI 6.0 update with its release date. This update is coming to your phones and tablets, and we’ve got the scoop on when it’s arriving.

Samsung showed off the One UI 6.0 at their special event in October. The new update started with the Premium Galaxy S23 phones on October 30, making them super cool.

One Ui 6 Update and Release date:


  • Galaxy S23 Phones – Already Updated!

The newest Galaxy S23 phones are all set with the One UI 6.0 update. They got it first and are enjoying all the new features.

  • Galaxy S22 Phones – Quick Update in December

Even though it said December, the Galaxy S22 phones surprised us and already got the update. Samsung is making sure everyone gets the cool stuff on time.

  • Galaxy S21 Phones – Coming in December

In December, the Galaxy S21 phones will get the One UI 6.0 update. It’s like getting a new and improved phone!

  • Galaxy S21 FE – Also in December

The Galaxy S21 Fan Edition is joining the December party with its own One UI 6.0 update. More cool features are on the way!

  • Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip Phones – Folding and Flipping in December

If you have a folding or flipping Samsung phone, like the Z Fold 4, Z Fold 3, Z Flip 4, or Z Flip 3, get ready for a cool update in December. Your phone is about to get even more awesome!

  • Galaxy A Series 

Loads of Galaxy A phones, like A54, A34, A53, A33, A52, A52s, A72, A23, A14, and A13, are getting the update in December. That’s a lot of cool updates for everyone!

  • Galaxy M Series – December Magic

In December, the M series phones, including M33, M53, M13, and M23, are getting the cool One UI 6.0 update. Budget-friendly phones are joining the fun too!

  • Galaxy Xcover 6 Pro – Tough and Ready in December

If you have the strong Galaxy Xcover 6 Pro, your cool update is coming in December. Tough phones can be cool too!


  • Galaxy Tab S Series – Fun in November and December

The Galaxy Tab S9 and S8 tablets are getting their cool updates in November and December. That means more fun features for your tablet!

  • Galaxy Tab S7 FE – Waiting until January ’24

If you have the Galaxy Tab S7 FE, you’ll need to wait a bit. Your cool update is coming in January 2024. It’s worth the wait for the extra cool features!

  • Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, Tab A8, and Tab A7 Lite – Updates from November to February

For other tablets like the Tab S6 Lite, Tab A8 (2021), and Tab A7 Lite, the updates are happening from November to February ’24. So, your tablet is not forgotten!

  • Galaxy Tab Active 4 Pro – Ready in January ’24

The super strong Tab Active 4 Pro is getting its cool update in January ’24. Tough tablets deserve cool updates too!


Even though we don’t have exact dates, Samsung is working hard to give everyone a cool One UI 6.0 update. So, get ready for your phone or tablet to become even more awesome! Stay tuned for more updates as Samsung keeps rolling out the cool stuff to everyone around the world. Cool, right?

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