Samsung Chooses Baidu AI Over Google Ai for Galaxy S24 Series in China

Baidu Ai on Samsung galaxy S24 Series

Samsung has done something different in China with its new Galaxy S24 phones. Usually, they use Google’s AI, but this time, they come with Baidu Ai, a big Chinese tech company. The goal is to give Chinese people a special experience with their phones. What is Baidu Ai? Samsung and Baidu, in a surprising move, … Read more

Pixel 8 Pro: Your Smartphone Now Measures Body Temperature!

Pixel 8 Pro: Your Smartphone Now Measures Body Temperature

Google has updated its Pixel 8 Pro smartphone, making it even smarter! Since it came out in 2023, the Pixel 8 Pro had a special thermometer in its back camera. At first, it could only check object temperatures, like hot coffee. But with the new update in January, now it can also measure your body … Read more