TVS iQube Battery Price Revealed- Prepare for Big Savings!

TVS iQube Battery Price Revealed

TVS iQube Battery Price

In India, TVS iQube is becoming a popular electric scooter choice, challenging other brands like Ola Electric Scooter. Recently, TVS iQube celebrated selling over 2 lakh units, showing how much people like it.

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What Makes TVS iQube Special:

TVS iQube comes in three versions: iQube, iQube S, and iQube ST. The best one, iQube ST, has a powerful battery that lasts a long time and is resistant to water and dust. It can go up to 82 km/h and travel about 145 km on a single charge.

Battery Cost and Warranty:

If you ever need to change the battery, it can cost between INR 56,600 to INR 70,700. But don’t worry, TVS gives you a warranty for three years or 50,000 km, which is quite a long time.

TVS iQube Battery Price:

With a petrol scooter, traveling 50,000 km might cost you about INR 1 lakh. But with iQube, it’s only about INR 6,466. That’s a lot less money! Plus, charging the iQube ST IC model costs only INR 19 and gives you a range of 145 km. That’s cheap and convenient!

Cool Features:

The TVS iQube has a lot of cool stuff. It has a touchscreen where you can control music, get updates, and connect to your phone using Bluetooth. It also has a voice assistant, like the one on your phone, and can even connect to Alexa! Plus, it has a lot of storage space for your stuff.

Why TVS iQube is Great Choice?

TVS iQube is a great choice if you want a scooter that’s cheap to run and has lots of cool features. It’s good for the environment too because it doesn’t use petrol. So, if you’re thinking about getting a scooter, you should definitely consider the TVS iQube!

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