Pixel 8 Pro: Your Smartphone Now Measures Body Temperature!

Google has updated its Pixel 8 Pro smartphone, making it even smarter! Since it came out in 2023, the Pixel 8 Pro had a special thermometer in its back camera. At first, it could only check object temperatures, like hot coffee. But with the new update in January, now it can also measure your body temperature!

Pixel 8 pro Thermometer Feature:

The Pixel 8 Pro is special because it has a thermometer hidden in the camera part at the back. You can’t even see it, but it’s there, helping you out.

More Than Just Objects:

When the Pixel 8 Pro first came out, it could only tell you how hot or cold things around you were. But now, it can also check your body temperature. That means you can use your phone to see if you have a fever or not – pretty neat!

How It Works:

The thermometer in the Pixel 8 Pro uses fancy sensors in the camera part. When you turn it on, you just put your phone close to yourself, and it tells you how warm you are. It’s like magic, but it’s really just smart technology!

Why It’s Good:

Google made sure the Pixel 8 Pro’s thermometer is super good at telling temperatures. So, you can trust it when you want to know if you’re feeling okay or if you should talk to a doctor. It’s like having a tiny doctor in your phone!

Using It Every Day:

Now that your Pixel 8 Pro can check your body temperature, it’s like having a buddy that helps you stay healthy. If you feel a bit sick or just want to make sure you’re okay, you can use your phone to check. It’s easy for everyone to use, no matter how old you are!

As phones get even more amazing, they might do even more cool health stuff. The Pixel 8 Pro is just the start – who knows what our phones will do next to help us stay healthy and happy!


The Pixel 8 Pro is now not just a regular phone; Now it became more intelligence smartphone! With its new body temperature checker, it’s making sure you stay on top of your health game. Google is really making phones that do more than just call and text – they’re turning into our health buddies too!

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