Samsung Chooses Baidu AI Over Google Ai for Galaxy S24 Series in China

Samsung has done something different in China with its new Galaxy S24 phones. Usually, they use Google’s AI, but this time, they come with Baidu Ai, a big Chinese tech company. The goal is to give Chinese people a special experience with their phones.

What is Baidu Ai?

Samsung and Baidu, in a surprising move, are working together to make the Chinese Galaxy S24 phones extra smart. They put out a statement saying that Baidu’s Ernie chatbot will do cool things like helping with translations, making summaries, and making work easier on the new phones.

Why Baidu?

In China, Google doesn’t have all its services because of some rules. So, Samsung chose Baidu to bring the smart features to the Chinese Galaxy phones. This means they’re using a local friend to make the phones even better for people in China.

Meet Ernie: The Super Smart Chatbot:

Baidu’s chatbot, Ernie, got the green light from Chinese officials last year. They say Ernie is as good as or even better than Google’s latest system. Samsung and Baidu are excited about Ernie’s talent to make big pieces of writing shorter and easier to understand.

Samsung really wants Chinese people to love their phones. So, instead of using the usual global AI, they went for Baidu’s Ernie to make the Galaxy S24 series awesome for Chinese users. The cool features, like quick translations and other smart stuff, aim to impress Chinese folks, just like they did in the US and other countries.

Challenges for Samsung:

• Struggles to compete with Oppo and Vivo.

• Partners with Baidu to compete.

• Aims to be a hit in a market where local brands dominate.


Samsung has partnered with Baidu, a Chinese tech company, to enhance the Galaxy S24 phones in China. The partnership aims to provide a unique experience for Chinese users, using Baidu’s Ernie chatbot for features like translation assistance and summaries. This collaboration aims to compete with local brands like Oppo and Vivo in the market.

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